• The Artiste
  • The Sentimentalist
  • The Humorist
  • The Smart One
  • The Inspirer
  • Mr. Moody
  • Mr. Intense
  • Man vs Anything
  • The Criminalist
  • Somethin' Light
  • Sir Heroics
  • The Goth

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    The Artiste

    The Artiste prefers elegance, atmosphere, decadence and style, though he has been known to enjoy a bit of cynicism

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    The Sentimentalist

    The Sentimentalist tugs at your heart, writing bittersweet tales about family, love, and chance encounters.

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    The Humorist

    The Humorist knows what's funny. Expect outrageous, madcap, or even rowdy scripts from this writer

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    The Smart One

    Don't be intimidated by The Smart One. He will give you something witty, literate and thoughtfull.

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    The Inspirer

    Everyone enjoys The Inspirer's screenplays, whether rousing and upbeat, or poingant and earnest.

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    Mr. Moody

    Mr. Moody is full of feeling, capturing on film the darker side of human experience. His work has been called "Gritty", "Grim", and "Melancholy".

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    Mr. Intense

    Mr. Intense has been in great demand lately for his explosive and visceral filmmaking style.

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    Man vs Anything

    There is no oponent that this writer cannot pose against humanity. From aliens to serial killers, he loves pulse-raising confrontation.

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    The Criminalist

    Tales of hired killers, drug dealers, and corruption are mainstays of this writer's fantasies.

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    Somethin' Light

    Somethin' Light knows how to see the endearing brightness of any tale and bring it to life. Her films have been called "Earthy" and "Sweet".

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    Sir Heroics

    Everyone loves a story of a hero or a heroine facing monsters and racing against time. Sir Heroics will your audience on the edges of their seats.

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    The Goth

    Well aquainted with the darkness in all of us, The Goth will give your movie that disturbing, haunting quality that audiences crave.

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