About Movie Night

Movie Night lets everyone in the room find an XFINITY OnDemand movie to watch on your X1 settop box. Players connect their iPhone or Android devices to Movie Night and make their choices

Getting Started

  1. Start Movie Night on your TV from the X1 Apps menu
  2. Everyone in the room joins on a mobile device or computer by entering the join code on http://movienight.io
  3. As each player shares their preferences, Movie Night works to find paid and free movie choices that fit the whole group
  4. Select your favorite from Movie Night's final recommendations. Your X1 will jump to the movie info page, and from there you can start watching it on your TV
  5. Enjoy your movie!

As a feature of XFINITY X1, this app is only available to current customers and falls under the Comcast subscriber Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can play?

Everyone in the room can join! You can even play Movie Night by yourself for a fun way to discover new content in the OnDemand library. If more than ten people play, it might get hard to find a movie to match everyone's taste, but it can still be fun to find out what you all have in common

What if one player cannot continue?

Sometimes players get disconnected and appear to be stuck. Try refreshing the browser on their device. If that doesn't work, and you'd like to advance the game without them, press the Right Arrow button on your TV Remote. Unfortunately, that player will not be able to rejoin at a later step.

How are movies selected?

Movie Night uses information in our database to find movies that have moods or themes in common. We also look at movie ratings, reviews, and popularity to guess which movies will please the audience. Its not rocket-science, but it is fun. Since movies come from the XFINITY OnDemand library, they may be free, free with subscription, or paid (typically $2.99 to $5.99).